Sliced: 🎙️To Bond, or Not to Bond

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Today, we are thrilled to debut the second episode of “Untangling Climate Finance.”

In this episode, our guest is the wonderful and impressive Nathan Truitt, the Executive Vice President of Climate Funding at the American Forest Foundation (AFF). Nathan offers valuable insights into the mission of AFF and delves into their innovative Family Forest Carbon Program.

Jay and Nate explore AFF’s groundbreaking $10 million green bond designed to support the Family Forest Carbon Program. This pioneering bond, the first of its kind, is dedicated to generating nature-based carbon credits and empowers family forest owners to combat climate change, enhance forest health, and generate income through the carbon market. Notably, this novel green bond operates under a Master Trust Indenture Agreement underwritten by Morgan Stanley. Gordian Knot Strategies supported AFF in the issuance of this bond which garnered significant attention, with 34 roadshow views and three management calls. Impressively, it attracted $23 million in orders from three different investors.

Jay and Nate then delve into VM0045, a VCS Methodology developed for the Family Forest Carbon Program by AFF, TNC, and TerraCarbon. VM0045 is being used to generate the carbon credits tied to the green bond.

Finally, they discuss the challenges and opportunities in scaling climate finance focused on forest carbon projects.

As always, your questions, comments, guest recommendations, or interest in participating in an episode are welcome. Please reach out to Jay at:

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