Sliced: New Podcast Alert!

We are proud to introduce our new podcast, “Untangling Climate Finance.”

Hosted by our very own Jay Tipton, the podcast examines the dynamic realm of climate finance through conversations with industry experts on topics spanning climate solutions, global carbon markets, innovative technologies like AI and distributed ledger, carbon projects, and more.

So, why dedicate an entire podcast to climate finance? The straight forward answer is that the world is significantly falling short of the financial mobilization needed to avert the climate crisis.

This imperative is at the heart of our podcast.

Under the Paris Agreement, 197 countries pledged to limit global warming to well below 2°C and strive for 1.5°C. The latest IPCC report indicates that a 60% reduction in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions below 2019 levels by 2035 is necessary to maintain the 1.5°C target.

At current GHG emission rates, we have about nine years to achieve a 50% chance of limiting warming to 1.5°C and around 30 years before the chance of meeting the 2°C limit diminishes. With existing projections for 2.1 to 2.9°C warming by 2100, urgent and substantial global decarbonization is essential.

To achieve this, $6 to $10 trillion USD in global investments from public and private sources are needed over the coming decades, making up over 3% of annual global GDP in the 2030s and 2040s. Of that money, 30% is expected from public sources and 70% from the private sector.

Despite critical importance, global climate finance has slowed, and a minimum 590% increase in annual climate finance is necessary to meet international climate objectives by 2030 – a target currently far from being achieved.

In our debut episode, now available for streaming, Jay engages in a conversation with Sean Penrith, CEO of Gordian Knot Strategies. Sean provides insights into the concept of “climate finance” and shares his personal evolution from a non-climate entrepreneur to his current role leading a company that drives climate finance initiatives for clients all across the world. With nearly twenty years of climate finance expertise, Sean is the ideal inaugural guest for Untangling Climate Finance.

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Thanks for tuning in!

This week we wrap up our REDD+ acronyms. In our previous Sliced dispatch, we introduced APD (Avoided Planned Deforestation) which is one of the two primary project types that fall under the REDD+ umbrella. This week we present the second project type.


AUD stands for “Avoided Unplanned Deforestation” and refers to projects that prevent or mitigate the unauthorized clearing of forests, often driven by illegal logging, agriculture, or other activities.

AUD is designed to safeguard forest ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, counteract climate change, and promote the sustainable stewardship of forest resources.

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