Gordian Knot Strategies Overview

Enduring Arches: Building Conservation Finance Projects for Impact

Today the Edwards Mother Earth Foundation [EMEF] opened its next round of solicitations for grant funding. EMEF is conducting an open Request for Proposals that are designed to catalyze the adoption of agroforestry in the United States, as a means to help mitigate or reverse climate change. Proposals are due August 27, 2021. Agroforestry offers significant potential to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resilience, and deliver a host of other economic, social, and environmental benefits to landowners, producers, and communities. It has been practiced less widely in the U.S. than in other countries over the last century, but this could now be changing.EMEF seeks to identify and support bold, multi-year, multi-partner strategies to catalyze greater adoption of agroforestry in the U.S. The RFP’s parameters have been designed to support a wide range of organizations, approaches, and strategies, and to encourage aspirational thinking and new forms of collaboration. The RFP submission process will be coordinated by Gordian Knot Strategies. For instructions on how to prepare and submit an application, please see the full RFP linked here: EMEF Agroforestry RFP.

EMEF considers agroforestry as comprised of five primary practices:
1 Alley cropping

2 Forest farming
3 Silvopasture
4 Riparian forest buffers
5 Windbreaks 

See link for frequently asked questions: FAQ – EMEF Agroforestry RFP