Our Values

At Gordian Knot Strategies, we operate on three core values that guide our L.V.S. business model:

1. Like: We Only Work With People We Like

Life is short. We have a collective mission to address climate change. To be effective, we call on mutual respect, trust, and shared values within our team and with the clients we serve. To that end, we only work with people that we like.

2. Value: We Only Accept Work Where We Can Add Value

We are committed to delivering meaningful results. We accept work from clients whose goals align with our expertise, ensuring that our efforts result in real impact and value for them. Our focus is on developing value-driven partnerships that lead to success for our clients.

3. Scale: We Only Work on Solutions That Have the Potential to Scale

We are dedicated to innovation and scalability to significantly affect climate change. We are driven to work on climate finance solutions that not only address immediate challenges but also have the potential to grow and adapt over time.