Sliced: 🎙️ The Name is Bond, Green Bond

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Today, we release the fourth episode of our podcast, Untangling Climate Finance.

In this exciting new episode, our guest is Sean Kidney, the CEO of the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI).

Sean is truly the bond master. Despite not coming from a traditional finance background, he has spent the bulk of his professional career in the bond space. He formed CBI in 2009 and since then has been tirelessly working to promote investment priorities for climate and green bonds, help governments take advantage of the green bond market, and develop international collaborations. Under Sean’s leadership, CBI is improving bond standards, creating bond certifications, impacting bond and capital policy, and ultimately mobilizing finance to help the world in the battle against the climate crisis.

His list of accolades and current roles stretches from his home in London to his native land, Australia. Sean sits on boards, panels, and councils across the UK, Japan, Singapore, France, and Australia (just to name a few). From 2017 to 2019, Sean was voted GlobalCapital magazine’s “Most Influential Champion” of the sustainable finance market. In 2016, he was named Environmental Finance magazine’s “Personality of the Year” which is fitting because he is an energetic and charismatic fella.

Check out the episode to hear Jay and Sean discuss the current state of green bonds, the use of their proceeds, the prevalent topic of greenwashing, and how we can get more climate finance moving to slow down global warming. Just an FYI, their conversation took place in August.

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